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Data and Services for more transparency in the food trade, gastronomy and catering market

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What Problem We Solve

Create legally-compliant labeling in tough regulatory environment

Our matching algorithms simplify the labeling of allergens and food additives according to the EU Regulation 1169/2011

Missing food transparency

Comprehensive and detailed product data meets the expectations of more than 60% of the population interested in eating healthy diets or that suffer from food allergies

Misleading information about ingredients

Own databases offer added value-added Information on the effects of additives and allergens

High costs to create own product databases

The Better Life Data hub allows low-cost access to own and third-party licensable product data

Missing staff to maintain own product database

Better Life provides access through MCPK content managers and students who like to fulfill your requirement regarding data completeness or to connect new databases abroad

Lack of development resources

Better Life has access to well-trained Java back-end developers as well as designers and app developers

Technical Framework For Nearly All Challenges In The Food Market

There is a strong need for more transparency in the food trade, gastronomy, and catering market. We contribute to that clarity.

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Your requirements are our motivation

We work hard to help you go above and beyond for those who entrust you with their health and well-being

Online food supplier
Kitchen equipment manufacturer
Software and application provider
Online delivery services
Nutritionists and hospitals
Commercial kitchens and canteens

The Executive Team

Christian Riesenberger CEO
Julian Scheuchenzuber Head of Product
Vladimir Nukulin CTO
Thomas Lacher Head of Frontend Developments
Julia Schön Content Manager
Martin Schlott HR manager

Three References,
Three Success Stories

The experience of our partners speaks for itself. We would like to share with you what they have achieved to inspire you to aim higher.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero uses Better Life tools to provide the right manufacturer data and information on allergens and additives.

Gastro Smart

Gastro Smart is one of the leading providers of software solutions analyzing recipes to identify allergens and additives.


HealthMe is brand new app that supports all people with intolerances and allergies. It bases on the Better Life product API. The easy-to-use “Health Me” app allows users to create a personal, individual nutrition profile and scan packaging barcodes to select the right food product within seconds. Should the scanned food be of concern for the stored allergy profile, automatic alternative products are suggested. From January 2020, the app will be available for download in Apple and Google stores. For more information please contact us. The app is available as of Q1 2020.

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