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Delivery Hero

Deliery Hero is using the Better Life Datahub and all connected interfaces to provide products with the right manufacturer data and information on allergens and additives as needed. In addition to Better Life owned databases, sources from GS1 are also used to be active internationally. With the Better Life Datahub, Delivery Hero is able to maintain product data, but also to integrate, monitor and, if necessary, blacklist its own products.

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HealthMe is brand new app that supports all people with intolerances and allergies. It bases on the Better Life product API. The easy-to-use app “Health Me” allows users to create a personal, individual nutrition profile and then scan the packaging’s barcode to select the right food product within seconds. Should the scalded food be of concern for the stored allergy profile, automatic alternative products are suggested. From January 2020, the app will be available for download in Apple and Google stores. For more information please contact us. The App is available Q1 2020.

Gastro Smart

Gastro Smart is one of the leading providers of software solutions in the canteen and catering industry. In addition to Rez-API, Gastro Smart uses the Product API to analyse existing customer recipes in order to identify allergens and additives contained in them in accordance with the law.

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