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Product DB

The Product DB is at the heart of the Better Life Data Hub. By accessing product data from a wide variety of providers, the Product DBI provides online portals, canteen kitchens, software providers and the food retailer with detailed product information.

Food DB

The Food Database is an amazing addition to the Product Database since it complements the first solution perfectly. The Food DB contains all unpackaged foods providing their associated value-added information as well.

Rez DB

The Rez-DB allows access to a recipe world that did not exist in this form until now. The special feature of the more than 6,000 recipes is that they were completely matched against the official food key of the MRI or selected products.


The Al DB (Allergen Database) gives an overview of the 14 main allergens conforming to EU regulations 1169/2011 and their effects on humans. The AL-DB is always necessary if the identification of allergens via matching algorithms is required.


The AD DB (Additives Database) gives an overview of all additives used in the food sector and their effects on humans. The AD-DB is always necessary if it is desired to display referenced additives via matching algorithms.The data is available by using the AD-API or by data export.


Here are our solutions to help you deliver even greater services yourselves.

Rez API Business

Due to the many different foods, it is almost impossible for chefs, bakers or butchers to obtain reliable data on their own self-produced recipes. Information on, for example, the calories or protein contained therein is based, if any, on estimates and empirical values.

Better Life Data Hub

The Better Life Data Hub was developed for customers who not only want to use food data from existing sources but also look for a system environment to enter, maintain and search for their own data. A specially developed interface enables a product.

Detection of allergen and additives

The allergen and additive determination solution has been developed to analyse packaged or unpackaged products for allergens or optional additives.

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